Here’s our story…

Whats our why?

Our ‘WHY’ (why we do what we do) is to change the current negative perception of the office technology & supplies industry.

From dodgy unscrupulous rogue traders who rip organisations off with deceptive terms & conditions. To it being honest, transparent, with simple terms, easy termination & guaranteed prices.

We’re building our own market by being different. Even radical. In our industry being honest, transparent, guaranteeing prices, making things simple & easy to do business is very radical indeed.

After spending 15 years in IT & print management working for local, national & international organisations, we settled down and started a family & for all those who’ve started a family, you’ll understand your life changes, and your priorities change.

As we’re passionate about helping organisations solve their operational problems, we decided to start a business in our local area.

So our story starts way back in 2003 just after our first child (Samuel) was born. When we opened a store in Rawtenstall to help people & small organisations with their print technology.

Over the following 15 years we’ve moved to a business unit, grown our team, grown our knowledge, adapted and changed to match our customers needs in a constantly changing market.

Today, we develop and supply ‘fit for purpose’ office technology products & office supply solutions that provide certainty of cost & certainty of service for small & medium organisations (businesses, charities & schools).

Our number 1 focus is to help our customers identify & solve the problems they have in the solutions they need to run their operations. Things such as printersphotocopiers, scanners, telephonesstationery, workplace solutions & office furniture.


Where does MY Total Copier Solutions fit into this?

MY Total Copier Solutions is a brand created by, supplied by & supported by MY Total Office Solutions. And has been designed specifically to solve the problems small & medium organisations face from their existing print solution, things such as:

  • We have no certainty of our total printing cost.
  • Our current printing equipment is not fit for our purpose.
  • We have no service included to fix things if they go wrong.
  • When things go wrong we waste time trying to fix it ourselves.
  • We’re fed up of buying expensive printer cartridges.
  • We’re fed up wasting time sourcing replacement printer cartridges.
  • We’re never sure which printer cartridges we need to order.
  • We are fed up of having to replace printers every 18 months or so.
  • We are not satisfied with our current printing solution.
  • Our current supplier keeps putting the prices up & we can’t do anything about it
  • Our current supplier won’t provide a guaranteed service
  • Our current supplier won’t provide guaranteed response times to support issues
  • Our current supplier doesn’t provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Our current supplier rolled over our contract for another 2 years without telling us
  • Our current supplier will charge us a huge termination fee for ending the contract early

MY Total Copier Solutions has been designed to fix all these problems and is an affordable ’fit for purpose’ managed print service for large format and/or large volume printing, copying & scanning. The service has been designed specifically for a small or medium sized business, charities & schools.

We provide new & refurbished Konica Minolta multifunction devices (photocopiers), as they are reliable and probably the best for colour print.

Using new equipment provides the most cost effective service, and the equipment is purchased either out of your capital or can be leased over 3 or 5 years. To cover the cost of replacement cartridges, other consumables and next business day service, there is a small affordable charge for each page that you print or copy (scanning is free).

For those, that can’t afford to purchase or lease new equipment. Or simply don’t want to sign a long term agreement. We can provide you with ‘fit for purpose’ refurbished equipment at no charge and on a short term agreement. And all you pay is still an affordable (but slightly higher) charge for the pages you print or copy  (scanning is free). As with a new one this covers replacement cartridges, other consumables and next business day service.

Either option gives you certainty of your total printing costs, certainty of guaranteed next day service and provides complete peace of mind through our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Where are we going?

Our plans include more streamlined services for the office & workplace, designed specifically to solve problems and reduce costs in small & medium organisations. With the aim of further increasing our customers efficiencies and/or profitability.

And we will use our philosophy of Simple Honest Service as the enabler to expand through-out the north of England, nationally and then potentially internationally.

We want to be known as the trusted adviser who delivers Simple Honest Service anywhere in the world.