Our affiliate program is simple, yet very effective…

We work with like-minded partners throughout Lancashire & Greater Manchester, who have complementary operations and similar customers & share with them 10% of the revenue we generate in a recurring monthly payment model. Which grows over time as more business is secured.

Our affiliate scheme enables our partners to refer our printer, photocopier & office supply solutions to their customers, knowing, they will save money (against their existing costs) and be provided with world class service too.

There is very little time commitment required by you. All we require is the initial introduction, and we’ll do the rest. And when your client signs you will share in the profits every month. And the more clients sign up, the more cash you will receive in recurring monthly payments.

As an example. If your referred clients are spending £1,000 each month with us. You will receive £100 each month.

It is important to note. Your clients are charged our normally selling price & we really give you 10% of the revenue we make. No gimmicks…

Want to know the best thing? The monthly profit share amount grows for any additional business customers you refer & who start to purchase. It’s entirely in your hands, the more clients you refer the more profit you can make.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate partner, please complete this form and we’ll contact you for a further informal discussion.