In our game, there are many unscrupulous suppliers using dirty tricks…

They hoodwink people with complex terms designed to tie you in to them for years. Which include things like stealth price increases & hidden extra charges.

Our aim is to change this by disrupting the printing & photocopier technology industry, through our honest & transparent approach. Providing simple terms, monthly contracts, fixed price guarantees & no hidden charges.

Our aim is to provide certainty & total peace of mind…

Unfortunately for us. This leads to these unscrupulous suppliers using dirty tricks against us too, because we’re exposing their hoodwinking & putting a stop to their unethical quick money-making tactics.

A classic is giving you a lower than normal page rate. Yes. Lower than our fixed price guaranteed rate. But unknowing to you they then increase it many times over time, through a clause hidden in their complex terms.

Immediately this attracts price sensitive people to their low rate. And by the time you spot the price increases & dirty tricks, it’s too late. You’ve already signed your life away & you can’t get out without large financial penalties.

Our response is not to drop our rates to compete with them. Because it’s unsustainable (unless your unscrupulous & increase the price over time too). As a business needs to make profit to keep people employed & pay its bills.

Our response is to educate people. Educate them about complex terms (when something seems too good to be true, it usually is). And before signing any agreement you must read & fully understand the terms & conditions.

These unscrupulous suppliers make false statements. Saying that they can provide the same service for less money. When if fact. They increase the price many times over the term, making you pay much more.

Our weapon of choice is not to discredit them (as that would be unprofessional). Our weapon of choice is education.