Dream affiliates are a great growth strategy…

Is there a company you could partner with, who’ll be happy to let their customers benefit from your product & you can both share in the rewards?

They’ve got to sell to the same type of buyer you’re trying to reach and have no interest in selling your type of product.

It’s got to work for both parties and helps if there’s other reasons why to do it too. Like locking competitors out of the account.

Before any selling happens. You’ve got to make sure your affiliate relationship is rock solid, and they trust you implicitly to look after their clients. As well as looking after their own interests too.

Our affiliate program’s been operating for a while. A great partner for us are IT support companies, who don’t have the knowledge or infrastructure to support their client’s photocopier and digital multi-function device technology.

We spend lots of time building affiliate relationships through networking and one to one discussions, at both operational and ownership levels.

Our affiliate partners are 100% sure we’ll provide their clients with an affordable and honest service. Whilst we also make sure we secure their position as their client’s preferred IT partner.

In return for introducing us to their clients, we provide our affiliate partners with a guaranteed share of the total revenue we invoice all their clients. Each and every month.

Yes, in the main it’s their monthly in-house printing spend, but also includes anything else the client purchases. Like stationery, office supplies and even office furniture.

I’m sure they’re affiliate programs that’ll work for accountants, financial advisers, electricians, builders, training companies or any other organisation, which means there must be 1 for you too.

…and if you’re struggling, I’d be happy to talk it through with you.