Welcome to episode 14 of our video series ‘exposing the hoodwinking

Each week we bring to your attention a clause within service agreement terms for office equipment like printersphotocopiers & telephones. Which could cause you many unexpected charges.

Today were going to discuss ‘charges for extra toner cartridges’

Somewhere in your agreement could be a clause that says something like. ‘The toner cartridges included in the cost per page is enough to produce the number of standard pages specified by the manufacturer. Additional toner cartridges used will be charged at our normal selling price.’

This clause is specific to laser printers, photocopiers or large multi-functional devices on cost per page printed agreements. But what does it really mean?

I bet you thought the 4, 5 or 6p a colour page price you agreed in writing is all you ever had to pay? Sorry. When dealing with some suppliers this is simply not the case.

Manufacturers measure the printed page numbers each toner cartridge will produce on an industry standard average coverage of 5%. Worked out by a robust & long-standing formula.

Suppliers (like ourselves) use the same formula to help set a fair price for our cost per page printing services. Adding other costs like drums, support, spares & labour into the equation too.

The key word here is average. Some months you might only print 2% coverage & other months you might print 10% coverage. But overall the manufacturers worked out 5% was average.

Let’s say 1 month you print 10% coverage. Which is double the average. A supplier with this clause will charge you for the extra toner cartridges used & it can be £100’s at their normal selling price.

On the flip side. Let’s say you print 2% coverage in a given month. The betting is the supplier won’t give you a refund for using less than the average toner cartridges. Will they?

To be fair. There is an exception. A small selection of customers may use their equipment only for printing leaflets & posters. Leading to lots of toner coverage & required extra cartridges.

In these instances (in our opinion) the supplier should discuss this with the customer & agree a fixed cost per page that satisfies both parties. Not hit the customer with high extra cartridge cartridges.

As always. Our advice is to thoroughly check your service agreement terms before you sign. And if you spot a clause that charges for ‘extra toner cartridges’ ask the supplier to remove it.

If they won’t. Don’t sign it…

Instead. Find a trusted supplier who provide Simple Honest Service & offer a guaranteed cost per printed page price, with no hidden extras.

Watch the full hoodwinking series at mytotalofficesolutions.co.uk/hoodwinking-exposed