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Your Questions Answered…

How long do I have to wait to get the new solution installed, once I have signed the agreement ?2018-06-20T16:23:55+00:00

Once you have signed your agreement, usually about two weeks, but on rare occasions, due to short supply, this could be longer.

Is service and maintenance provided ?2018-06-20T16:24:19+00:00

Yes, service and maintenance is included and will be based on our pre-agreed response times.

How many devices can I have ?2018-06-20T16:23:29+00:00

You can have as many devices as you like and need, which we will discuss and agree during the initial audit.

What if my equipment breaks down ?2018-06-20T16:24:44+00:00

If we are not already aware through the monitoring software, simply call or email us and we will respond within our pre-agreed response time.

Do you deliver and set the equipment up for us and connect them up to our computers and IT network ?2018-06-20T16:25:05+00:00

Yes, this is part of the overall service and will be included in the price.

What kind of equipment do you supply ?2018-06-20T16:25:29+00:00

We supply Konica Minolta equipment, probably the worlds best for build quality, reliability and colour.

Are there any upfront costs to pay ?2018-07-02T17:12:53+00:00

Only if you want to buy a new copier out of capital. Leasing a new copier allows you to spread the cost over time and we provide ‘fit for purpose’ refurbished copiers for free.

How quickly can you replace our cartridges and consumables when they run out ?2018-06-20T16:26:14+00:00

Monitoring software will be installed at the point of the installation, which enables us to monitor your usage and will enable replacement cartridges and consumables to be delivered on a just in time basis, so you never stop being able to print.

Can you sort out a specific printing and document management solution for my own particular needs ?2018-06-20T16:26:37+00:00

Yes, just simply fill in the enquiry form with as much detail as possible and we will contact you to arrange an audit.

How long is my agreement ?2019-10-11T15:52:54+00:00

It’s an initial 12-month service agreement & then rolling monthly thereafter (excluding lease agreements to purchase new equipment).

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