Welcome to episode 8 of our video series ‘exposing the hoodwinking

Each week we’re bringing to your attention a clause (usually hidden deep) within service agreement terms for office equipment like printersphotocopiers & telephones. Which could cause you pain and extra charges in the future.

Today were going to discuss charging rates for ‘extra work’…

Somewhere in your agreement could be a clause that says something like. ‘The installation of print drivers, scan locations & scan to email settings are not covered by this agreement, and any work you ask us to carry out will be charged at £150 per hour.’

So, what does this clause mean?

Well. If you have a new starter who needs to print & scan from your photocopier or MFD. Or an existing PC or laptop has been replaced & needs to be set up for printing & scanning. Your supplier (based on an agreement recently passed to me) will charge you the vastly inflated price of £150 an hour.

To put this into context. Including traveling time. To install 1 – 2 systems for printing & scanning will take around 2 hours. Costing you a very hefty £300.

In our experience. This is a sure-fire way for unscrupulous suppliers to overcharge you. Listen though. The work should be chargeable. But not at this hefty price. It’s pure overcharging.

As an example. We charge a fair & modest £40 an hour. Which is a whole 70% cheaper. And in our humble but educated opinion, a charge of up to £50 an hour is fair & reasonable.

Be warned though. Some unscrupulous suppliers charge even more than £150 an hour.

And. If you’re not happy & decide not to pay. The supplier can terminate the agreement for breach of terms. And request immediate payment in full for the remaining period. Which can be £1,000’s.

As always. Our advice is to thoroughly check your service agreement terms before you sign. And if you spot a clause that charges over £50 an hour for ‘extra work’ ask the supplier to reduce it.

If they won’t. Don’t sign it…

Instead. Find a trusted supplier who provide simple honest service & charge a fair price for any ‘extra work’. And don’t hide behind complex 1-sided terms.

…thank you for watching