Under promising & over delivering (UPOD). Where do you stand on this?

I read a business book last week, which suggested it’s a good idea to under promise & over deliver occasionally, as your customers will see you as some kind of customer service JEDI master.

But we’re not so sure this is right & we’re really struggling with this concept. As holding anything back is against our DNA.

Our business is built on honesty & transparency. With the aim of delivering the very best products & service we can. Each & every time.

Take our free photocopier service …

We’ve looked at the problems many people are faced with photocopier suppliers & their agreements. Such as:

  • Copiers cost £1,000’s
  • £100’s can be charged for installation
  • Tied to contracts of up to 5-years
  • High penalties for early termination
  • Stealth price increases once or twice a year
  • Hidden extra charges appearing on invoices
  • Extortionate hourly rates (up to £150) for adds, moves & changes

And designed our service to solve them:

  • Free refurbished equipment saving £1000’s
  • Free installation saving £100’s
  • Flexible monthly rolling contracts
  • No termination penalty
  • Guaranteed fixed prices
  • No hidden extra charges
  • A fixed & fair hourly rate for adds, moves & changes

Which means, we really struggle when someone suggests we should under promise & over deliver. Because our free photocopier service does what it says on the tin. Guaranteed.

To hold anything back goes completely against our DNA. So, we’ll continue to provide SIMPLE HONEST SERVICE. Which ultimately delivers certainty & total peace of mind to our customers.

But, what’s your stance on under promising & over delivering?