The business landscape is always changing. As it changes, people’s needs change too…

Making it critical for you to keep ahead of any changes that could impact the product you provide.

These changes could be technological, political or even changes in people’s habits.

Although, the best way to mitigate change. Is to be the business that instigates change by creating a new curve in your industry.

How do you do this?

Simple. Find out what people are complaining about & flip it on its head. Do a 180.

Yes. I agree. All of these are high profile examples. But change doesn’t have to so extreme to enable a new curve that people will follow.

  • You do something faster than anyone else
  • You’ve made something assessible where it wasn’t before
  • You create a subscription service for your product, which saves people money.

In our industry a great scanning solution has become as important as a great printing solution.

Great scanning solutions (A4, A3 & duplex at speed) are expensive & usually part of a large photocopier or large digital multifunctional device & unreachable for many organisations.

These devices cost £2,000 – £3,000 plus the print cost. We’ve created a new curve. Making them assessible for all. Providing them for free on a fixed print price monthly subscription service.

Can you pull a 180 & create a new curve in your industry?