This story is true. Although the names have been changed to protect the honest & the innocent…

A friend of mine (George) owns a vehicle MOT & repair business. George is a lovely guy, honest as the day is long & see’s others in the same way.

3 years ago (just before we met) George was in a networking group with someone (let’s call him Dick) who sold photocopiers.

George needed a new printing technology solution & wanted to help Dick by giving him the business. All George wanted was simple honest service, a fixed price & no unexpected surprises.

3 years on & George is unhappy…

The service Dick provides is poor. George is often unable to print for days, due to machine failures & late arriving toner cartridges.

Not only that. Dick has increased the page price by nearly 50% & introduced 2 further extra charges. George is now paying double the amount he first agreed with Dick.

George asked Dick to end the agreement. But Dick requested £1,000’s in redemption penalties & pointed George to their terms & conditions.

George can’t afford to pay £1,000’s to Dick. The only option for George, is to put up with the overcharging & poor service for the remaining 2 years.

When the 2 years are up, George vowed never to use the company that Dick represents again & will only use someone who is honest, trustworthy & guarantees prices.

The moral of the story?

…never trust a D*ck!