You’ve heard of Magic Johnson, haven’t you?

You know who we mean. Yes that’s it. The world-famous American basketball player.

But do you know how he got his name & why it stuck?

Even back in high school Earvin Johnson Jr was a brilliant basketball player. His coach would say. “Every time you get the ball take a shot”. And he would. Making the team win every game.

The coach loved it and so did the players, as they loved being on the winning team.

One day though, after a game, Earvin noticed the sad faces of the other parents. They’d come to watch their kids play and instead had to sit and watch Earvin hog the limelight.

Still only a teen, immediately, Earvin decided he’d use his special talent to help everyone on the team be better players.

Aged 15 he was given the nickname ‘Magic’ by a sportswriter and it stuck.

Not just because of his ability either. Because he raised the level of excellence of every team he ever played in and every player he played with.

Magic Johnson wasn’t a leader who took the limelight and shut down the ability of those around him. His leadership who grew the intelligence of others to unleash their full capabilities.

It’s amazing to think that Magic had the foresight to nurture others at such a young age, carrying this same mentoring philosophy throughout his entire basketball career.

Leadership is not about doing your own thing and shutting others out. It’s about trusting, teaching and encouraging your team.

…which helps them grow to deliver their A game.