I can’t believe Lord Sugar actually agrees with me…

Yesterday I wrote an article about why I’m not buying from Amazon ever again.

The article details how Amazon has released over 100 own brand products in 2 years. And asks if they could be using their market-place re-sellers as guinea pigs before manufacturing & selling their products themselves.

A Daily Mirror report surprisingly showed, even our own government is giving them £30 million to mentor small organisations. And my belief is that Amazon could quite easily use this mentoring to gleam the knowledge from small organisations and go manufacture & sell their products themselves.

My view in the article is: If we’re not careful the same thing happening to our high streets will happen in the digital world too. I can foresee many independent digital re-sellers going to the wall in the near future.

I’m not sure what it’s like in your home in the evenings? But it’s madness in ours. We have 3 kids who are all active in clubs. Mrs Turner & I eventually get to relax for an hour or so (before bed) around 9pm. Last night was no different.

So I grabbed the newspaper to have a quick look at the TV guide. I fancied watching the last episode of Joanna Lumley in Silk Road. But Mrs Turner’s head was turned with the new series of The Apprentice. So being the gentleman, I agreed to watch Joanna on ITV+1 at 10pm.

Then I turned the page & saw it. Lord Sugar doing a Daily Mirror interview with the headline ‘Amazon is killing our businesses’.

In the Mirror interview Lord Sugar says “I don’t think there is a way we can revitalise the high street. It’s a difficult task. The companies that are getting bigger & bigger like Amazon are online. Amazon for example, worldwide is killing every single business. Every single business”

Later in the interview Lord Sugar goes also says “It’s worrying but I don’t know what the solution is. Unless it’s some niche market like clothing, dresses, menswear or whatever that’s specialised.”

Bingo. Lord Sugar hit the nail on head for me. Provide something that Amazon can’t replicate online. Something that requires a personal service. Something even needing feet on the street.

We’ve got in to selling and servicing photocopiers. Not just because it’s a difficult thing for Amazon to replicate. But also because it allows us to provide small organisations with free feature rich technology that they would normally not be able to afford, whilst further reducing their total print cost.

Lord Sugar may have missed something else though. If we all stopped buying everything from Amazon (even if it cost a little more) and spread our purchases across a number of organisations (online & high street). Just maybe our high streets might bounce back. And it will stop Amazon from decimating the world’s online independent retailers too.

I’m not one for watching much reality TV (although I quite like The Island. No not Love Island the 1 Bear does) but Mrs Turner chose well last night. I haven’t laughed like that in ages, especially when the guys bought a real 3 foot Octopus instead of a scuba diving Octopus regulator.