You’ve heard the saying. ‘Opposites attract’. Right?

In fact. It’s very true when it comes to love relationships…

Through research it’s been found people are usually attracted to their opposite on the extroversion / introversion & judging / perceiving scale.

Making most of us naturally attracted to individuals who are different from ourselves & therefore making the relationship somewhat exciting.

Something very different happens though, when your building business relationships…

You see. Most people who own a business or who are in a decision-making position, seek professional relationships with people they can trust to deliver certainty & peace of mind.

They’re not interested in excitement, heart flutters or faster pulse rates (not unless the diet coke man’s around). They want dependability & help to solve their problems, making them look good.

If they think doing business with you feels a little bit risky. They’re very unlikely to invite you on a 2nd date. Let alone get engaged or eventually married.

It could be that your contract terms are complex, you won’t guarantee prices, your agreements are years long with high termination charges or they feel extra hidden charges could appear.

It’s not like in a love relationship, where a little bit of risk is exciting. In business, risk needs to be taken off the table. It’s the only way to build trust & eventually a long-term business relationship.

Because of this research, we de-risked our free photocopier solution. Providing customers with short term agreements, simple terms, guaranteed fixed prices & a guarantee of no hidden charges.

Could you de-risk your product to allow more customers to trust you, so they’ll agree to a 2nd date & eventually marry you in a long-term business relationship?