Our team are highly motivated because we do meaningful work…

The mission is to disrupt the printer & photocopier technology industry by being honest & transparent, through fixed priced guarantees, no hidden charges & short-term flexible contracts.

The objective is to stop people getting ripped off by unscrupulous suppliers who constantly increase prices, introduce extra charges & tie people in for years or face high penalties for leaving.

Our team will achieve this by educating people about the hidden terms & hoodwinking tactics that these unscrupulous suppliers use.

Our ultimate goal. Is to help people find a supplier they can trust, who delivers certainty of their print technology costs & provides them with total peace of mind.

To us & our team, this is very meaningful work & motivates us all to help others each & every day.

When people believe what they do is making a real difference to others, they are much happier at work & will go that extra mile to ensure the service provided is great.

Can you reframe your product or service, to enable your team to carry out meaningful work too?