People associate 1 positive thing with many…

Don’t think your product is the same as others, as no product or service is completely the same.

How it’s delivered. How it’s supported. How you interact with customers are all differentiators.

Avis rent-a-car positioned themselves as number 2 in the car rental market.

They used a positional statement that simply said. ‘We’re No2 we try harder’ & their sales soared.

Our positional statement is ‘Simple Honest Service’.

The photocopier & printer technology industry has many unscrupulous suppliers who hoodwink people with complex terms & hidden extra charges.

We differentiate ourselves through fixed priced guarantees, simple terms, guaranteed service & no hidden charges.

People now associate us with certainty & total peace of mind.

What about you. What makes your product different & how do people associate you?