I’ve been out bold calling in Blackburn with our print technology solutions brochure.

For those that don’t know…

Bold calling is about having the guts to walk into a business cold, have a conversation & make sure your information gets to the right person. To be followed with a phone call a few days later.

I walked into the empty reception of a small Blackburn business. Just as the business owner was arriving. He invited me in the office to meet his office manager.

Both the business owner & office manager were seething, whilst telling me the story of how another locally based photocopier supplier had hoodwinked them.

The business owner agreed to a new photocopier on the understanding after year 1, they were free to cancel at any time without penalty.

Not long after year 1, they tried to cancel, as they felt it was costing them too much. To be told no & that they should read their terms & conditions.

It seems they were mis-sold. The photocopier supplier had signed them up to a 5-year financial lease agreement & a 5-year service contract. With huge penalties for early termination.

The photocopier supplier & lease company wouldn’t budge. But they didn’t count on the business owners resolve. He took them to court & won. With the photocopier supplier taking all the blame.

It’s great that the business owner stood up to the hoodwinking bully. But he’s gone through a lot of stress & worry. Leaving him with a very negative perception of our industry.

Even though it’s going to cost much more. The business owner wants to own & run his own laser printer. Paying for replacement cartridges, drums & service as he needs them.

I tried my best to re-assure him that there are many honest suppliers in the industry too. But there’s no way he’ll ever agree to any sort of printer or photocopier contract again.

We can’t blame him. Can you?