Winfields Outdoors can boast excellent outdoor and indoor displays across their 8 stores within the UK. Showing tents, porch awnings, motor home awnings, camper-van awnings as well as camping equipment, caravan accessories, outdoor clothing, outdoor gear and footwear.

But group business functions are carried out at their HQ in Haslingden. Things such as accounts, customer service, e-commerce sales & marketing. And each of these departments have a large multi-functional device (photocopier to you & me) to perform scanning, printing & copying of business-critical letters, leaflets, posters, invoices and a whole host of other communications.

Customer objective

Winfields photocopiers were getting old and no longer had any warranty or maintenance agreement. And if anything, they were starting to cost extra money to repair, with spare parts no longer available. It was becoming a worry, because Winfields had no certainty over their total printing cost and no certainty of support, as the machines were just to old to get covered.

These machines carry out business critical functions & Winfields need certainty that they could get support if something went wrong. But to replace them was going to cost over £10,000. And Winfields required a solution that provides both certainty of their total printing cost & certainty of support if something does go wrong, without having to spend £10,000 on the new equipment.

Our solution

After discussions with Winfields, new equipment was not the answer and we had to be creative. But it still had to be ‘fit for Winfields purpose’ and provide them with the certainty they sought.

So, we designed a solution based on refurbished Konica Minolta photocopier technology. This equipment is much newer than their existing units, with consumables and spares freely available.

And we provide them with certainty of their total costs by renting the equipment for free and condensing consumables, spare parts & support into an affordable cost for each page printed.

Financial and operational result

Financially, Winfields will immediately save over £10,000, as the equipment is provided free. And will save extra money over time on consumables, spares and support. As everything is now included.

Operationally, Winfields have gained much time back (the most precious resource) too. No longer do they have to mess around trying to fix their own photocopiers. Nor do they have to source and order spare parts, replacement cartridges and other consumables.

Everything is now included, providing Winfields with certainty of service and support. Leading to total peace of mind and allowing each department to concentrate on the their most important tasks. In supporting their network of 8 stores, their customers and their team members.