The response to our Plant a Tree campaign has been amazing since we planted our first 100 trees…

If you remember? We’ve pledged to plant 1,000’s of trees to aid the fight against climate change & deforestation.

For every customer who agrees a printerphotocopier or telephony solution, we plant a tree for them & provide a certificate showing them where it was planted.

Since we announced the campaign, it’s gone massive & other North West based businesses have demanded to be involved.

A massive thanks goes out to:

Each one of these North West based organisations have pledged to plant a tree (in some way) for their customers too.

Together, we’ve already allocated 93 of the first 100 trees planted last month to our customers. Which is fantastic news for the planet & means, we need to plant even more trees.

Another bulk planting will happen in February, taking the total to 200.

Some of our North West business partners have even pledged to help, which means we can plant quicker & take some fab group photos to show you in our next update.

What we’re doing may seem trivial to some. But for small organisations like ours. It’s the 1 thing we can do to have a big impact.

…if we all did 1 thing the world will be a better place for everyone.