Price Promise Guarantee

Not sure what happens in your industry, but price increase clauses hidden deep in T&C’s is a real problem in ours…

We seem to be coming across cases on a weekly basis, where customers are paying way to much for each page they print or copy.

In most cases this is down to an annual increase in price instigated by the customers supplier, and after further inspection of the agreement, a clause is found allowing the supplier to increase their prices each year, and all the supplier has to do is provide the customer with 30 days written notice.

As an example, when you sign the agreement your colour page print/copy charge may be a very reasonable 4p. But each year your supplier may increase your price by 1/2p or even 1p, and by the end of a 5 year agreement you could end up paying 6p – 8p for each colour page you print or copy. That potentially is an increase of up to 100%!

Another thing we have found, is that some suppliers will even use this price increase as leverage, to try and get their customer to renew their equipment before the original agreement has ended.

An example of this is, by year 4 of a 5 year agreement, your colour page print or copy price may have increased to 6 or even 7p, and your supplier may then suggest by upgrading to the latest technology they can bring your price back down to 4p. But to do this you must enter into a new long term agreement, where the same cycle happens all over again.

Although not illegal, this practise does not sit well with our values…

So, to fix this problem, we have developed a price promise guarantee, to never increase your prices whilst in a current agreement with us.