Did you know tattoo removal is now 1 of the biggest cosmetic procedures in the world?

When I was a kid the only people who had tattoos were soldiers, sailors, bikers & punks. Today, they’re everywhere. Heavily promoted by footballers, rock stars and celebrities.

Stats show about 1/3 of the UK & US population has at least 1 tattoo. This adds up to a global market worth billions & reports say growth won’t peak until 2025.

The only thing that comes close to this phenomenon (yes, you’ve guest it) Is tattoo removal, which is forecasted to grow at twice the speed in the next few years.

What’s fuelling this growth?

Well. Tattoos can last far longer than the desire to get one & not every tattoo is perfect, with many mis-spelt, discoloured or disfigured. Leading to 1/4 to regret their decision.

Yes. Regret is making tattoo removal the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the world.

Regret can come in many forms. In our printer & photocopier industry, many people regret not reading all their terms & conditions. Ending up with price increases, extra charges & contracts they can’t exit.

We’re not cosmetic surgeons & can’t help you with tattoo removals. But we are experts in printer & photocopier agreements. We advise to always read all the terms & conditions before you sign.

If your supplier has complex terms, has no fixed price guarantee, could charge for extras or won’t let you leave without high penalties. Don’t sign & find a supplier who’ll provide Simple Honest Service.