Welcome to episode 11 of our video series ‘exposing the hoodwinking

Each week we bring to your attention a clause within service agreement terms for office equipment like printersphotocopiers & telephones. Which could cause you many extra charges in the future.

Today we’re discussing ‘when your supplier ends the agreement’

Somewhere in your agreement could be a clause that says something like. ‘Should we end this agreement due to you not paying our invoices. Disputed or otherwise. You agree to pay the termination charges as detailed in these terms.’

So, what does this clause mean?

Well. No matter how unhappy you are with any unexpected charges. If you fail to pay any of the invoices. Your supplier will invoke their termination clause.

The extra charges could be for things like price increases, automatic contract extensions, excessive installation & office move charges, replacement parts or consumable delivery charges.

Here’s the termination charges in a real customer agreement passed to us:

The supplier takes your average monthly spend & multiplies it by the remaining months left on the agreement. If your average monthly spend is £200 & you have 2 years remaining. The supplier will invoice you for £4,800. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

As always. Our advice is to thoroughly check your terms before you sign. And if you spot a clause that allows the supplier to cancel & invoke high termination charges for non-payment of disputed invoices. Ask the supplier to remove it.

If they won’t. Don’t sign it…

Instead. Find a trusted supplier who provide Simple Honest Service & don’t hide behind 1 sided terms or high termination charges

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