Paul Schofield are a wealth management business passionate about building long term relationships with their clients, with advice tailored to meet your objectives, whether personal or business.

The core values of the business focus on offering an expert service of distinct quality, integrity and excellence to provide you with financial peace of mind.

You’ll benefit from one single relationship that meets all your financial needs, whether you’re working or retired and looking to grow, manage, protect or preserve your wealth. Or if you’re a business owner or director looking to ensure you have the right plans in place for your company.

This approach has led to many new clients & team members. And as long-term customers, we’ve seen this growth drastically increase their printing & scanning technology needs too.

Customer objective

To re-assess their current printing solution and answer the following questions:

  • Is it still fit for purpose?
  • Is there a better solution & why?
  • Am I tied into my current agreement?
  • What are the upgrade charges?

Our solution

After providing one of our free assessments this is what we found:

  • Their current solution is no longer fit for purpose
  • Their team has expanded dramatically & the current technology is groaning
  • Fast printing & scanning has become critical to everyone in the business
  • Higher quality, extra functionality & a more robust solution is required

Our recommendations:

  • Replace our small organisation print service with our free photocopier solution
  • It provides fast printing & scanning, high quality, extra functionality & is very robust
  • We offer a free upgrade path to our customers, so there are no extra charges
  • Installation, training, cartridges, support & maintenance are all included
  • All Paul Schofield pay is a guaranteed fixed price for each page printed. Scanning is free.

Financial and operational result

Financially: We offer our clients a free upgrade path and provide our refurbished photocopier (digital multifunction device) for free too. So, there are no extra charges for Paul Schofield to worry about.

All they pay is a fair & affordable fixed price for each printed page, which we guarantee will not increase for the time they are on this agreement. Which helps Paul financially plan their growth.

Operationally: Paul Schofield Wealth Management now has the right fit for purpose technology. For today & tomorrow. Providing Paul and his team with certainty of cost & total peace of mind.