4 reasons why IT companies need a trusted print technology partner…

  1. Be your customers trusted technology advisor
  2. Completely lock out any competition
  3. Frees your resource from supporting print technology
  4. Create a new monthly revenue stream

Let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of each one…


Trusted technology advisor

Introducing a specialised print technology partner to your customer, will show you have their best interests at heart. And will position you as their go to overall trusted technology partner.

Your printing technology partner will work directly with your customers to introduce fit for purpose equipment, improve their processes & reduce their costs. Making you look great.


Lock out the competition

If you’re not careful. Your customer may appoint their own print technology specialist. Who could have their own IT division or even introduce their own preferred IT company to your customer.

On the flip side. If you have a trusted print technology partner & introduce them to your customers, under your guidance. You’ve slammed shut & locked the back-door secret entrance.


Free your resources

Print technology support for most IT companies is a complete pain in the backside. Most would much prefer to be using their resources to help customers grow through IT support & projects.

Having a trusted print technology partner, allows you to position them as the support experts for the print technology. Elevating you to concentrate on business-critical IT support & projects.


Revenue stream

If you choose a print technology partner with enough solutions to support the range of organisations you manage. You could develop a substantial extra monthly revenue stream.

The right print technology partner will cement your relationship through an affiliate model, where you will be provided with a share of the monthly business they do with your customers.



We think it makes sense for IT companies to work with a print technology partner, although this relationship needs to be one of trust & guided by an agreed set of engagement rules.

If created correctly & delivered within agreed framework it’s a win for all parties…

  • The customer is provided with great solutions & support for both IT & print technology
  • The print technology company gets more clients, increasing revenues & profits
  • The IT company locks out competitors & increases profits with a new revenue stream

We know this works. Because we’ve already developed an affiliate model & are working with IT companies exactly in this way.

…the key to make it work it though. Is TRUST.