Are personal face 2 face visits built into your sales, marketing or customer service strategies?

Yes. It’s important your strategies include every possible touch point. Like:

  • Warm & cold calling
  • Email chats & marketing
  • Social media chats, marketing & articles
  • Physical leaflets & catalogues
  • Personal targeted letters
  • Physical bold (cold) calling
  • Online & physical networking
  • And yes. Personal face 2 face visits

Although some organisations put personal face 2 face visits on the back burner. Thinking it’s much quicker & easier to phone, email or message an existing customer to build relationships & check how they’re getting on. Isn’t it?

And personal face 2 face visits just take way too much time. Don’t they?

Well. We’ve got news for you…

If you don’t currently carry out personal face 2 face visits with your customers. You need too. Why?

Dan (our manager) carries out the personal face 2 face meetings with our customers. This is what he’s found:

  • They create trust & a much stronger relationships
  • They can help you lock out the competition
  • They help you identify your customers problems
  • They enable you to educate people on how your products can help them
  • They prove that you care
  • They help you identify any service problems
  • They speed up the sales process & help with conversions
  • They increase the amount your customers spend with you

Dan started the visits (relevant to our Simple Honest Service philosophy) to learn more about our customers business, so we could help them further reduce costs and/or improve their processes. But we gain so much more.

So. If you’re not already carrying out personal customer face 2 face visits. Can you afford not to try them?