Lewis Robinson & James Porter are great friends both with many years of experience in recruitment. Lewis in manufacturing & James in construction. Deciding to start Zeus Personnel early in 2018.

Zeus Personnel operate 3 divisions. Temporary. Permanent. Temporary to Permanent. With a core value to look after both the client & candidate. Making sure, as they expand, this core value remains.

The business expertise lies in both recruitment and workforce management, with both Lewis & James taking a hands-on approach. Bringing a personal commitment to their clients and candidates.

Customer objective

Zeus Personnel have grown quickly in numbers & experience. With the support needs of their customers growing with them. Having many more clients & candidates brings new challenges too.

To support this growth Zeus Personnel continuously monitor their processes & systems and adapt them where necessary. An area though, where help was required, was their print & scan technology.

Whether you’re a young organisation or not, its important to keep your costs in check & investing in fit for purpose technology can be challenging for any organisation. Let alone one less than 2 years old.

With an increasing requirement to print all kinds of documents. The need for a robust & reliable scanning solution for worksheets. They just had to invest. But it had to be an affordable solution.

Our solution

After visiting & meeting Lewis & James. Daniel (MY Manager) provided a free assessment. Detailing their current situation, identifying their needs & confirming current costs.

Following this. And instead of having to invest in new photocopier technology costing £1,000’s. Daniel recommended our free refurbished photocopier service, to keep their costs in check.

There’s no up-front costs or long-term lease or rental fees. Zeus just pay for what they print & scanning is free. The equipment is fully refurbished & in great condition.

All consumables & spares are included & if it ever breaks down, it’s fixed or replaced for free. Providing Lewis, James & the Zeus Personnel team with certainty of cost & total peace of mind.

Financial and operational result

Financially: New fit for purpose print & scan technology would cost Zeus close to £3,000 & they’d likely be tied to a lease agreement for up to 5 years. Making it difficult to change if they needed to.

Not only are Zeus Personnel saving £3,000, they also get a fixed priced guarantee too. Meaning their agreement price will never increase & they won’t ever be surprised by any hidden extra costs.

Operationally: Is where Zeus Personnel are benefiting most. They have fit for purpose equipment which provides all the functions they need today. But if their business needs change. Our service is flexible & we’ll help them change their technology too. Zeus Personnel have total peace of mind.